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Where to Go?

Newcomers and experts alike share one thing – the constant search for new terrain and fresh tracks. Here are some resources to help you plan your next outing and figure out where to go:

Buying or Renting Equipment

Whether you are in the market for cross-country (XC) or alpine touring (AT) skis, we have some information on how to navigate the all options out there. Be sure to check out our Ski Equipment Explanation Matrix as a starting point to familiarize yourself with the different terminology associated with equipment. When in doubt, you can always check with a local ski shop for additional guidance.

New Hampshire


  • Saddleback (AT, Tele, Splitboard) Saddleback Resort


If you plan to rent gear ahead of one of our clinics or workshops, make sure to try and reserve in advance and leave plenty of time to pick it up – preferably the night before. Lines can be long especially during peak season, even with advance reservations.

Avalanche Education

Safety is paramount in avalanche terrain, which is why we have a page dedicated to getting (and staying) educated. Check out our Get Avalanche Educated! page to learn more.

We have thousands of publicly available photos of our members and participants from our many events getting out and having fun.

Here are some recent event galleries you can check out as well:

Newsletter Archive

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Past Presentations & Seminars

Make sure to check out our avalanche (AVI) education page for more helpful tips.


AMC Backcountry Safety and Avalanche Awareness

Learn the important pillars of backcountry safety whether skiing, snowboarding, hiking or however you choose to enjoy the Northeast in avalanche season in this talk by Thomas Van de Velde from December 14, 2022. Thomas covers equipment, types of avalanches, other hazards and tips to plan your trip and be prepared.