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person dressed in wet suit standing on beach looking out to the ocean

AMC Windsurfing Instruction

Who Should Attend

If you have dreamed of zipping across the water on a sailboard, here is your chance to get started. This instruction is for those who have never windsurfed and those who have tried once or twice. You will be amazed that with personalized instruction how quick it is to get started!

What is Included for the Fee

Instruction – Instruction starts in the mid-morning and ends late afternoon. AMC volunteers provide instruction consisting of one to two hours on land and then the remainder of the day on the water. You will get personal attention. AMC members give up a day of their own sailing to come to give you great instruction. You get to use their equipment that they learned on years ago. Small sails will be used as appropriate to your weight and strength.
Social After – After a full day of activity, we will relax at over a good dinner at a local restaurant. Dinner is usually over by about 8:00 PM.

What to Expect

If lighter winds cooperate as usual, then by the end of the day you will be confidently sailing freely on your own. You will be well on your way to fulfilling that dream. You will also discover how windsurfers sail all day without expending a pile of energy.

Prerequisite – Beginners should be in good health and know how to swim. No knowledge of windsurfing is required. Good balance is not required either!

Payment and Registration – Cost (as of 2021) per person: $65.00 for non-member or $55 for member with active AMC membership # includes instruction and dinner. There is no discount if you don’t stay for dinner. Advance registration is absolutely required. You are NOT registered until your payment is received and the leader sends you confirmation, along with directions to the site.

Space is always limited, so register early.

Cancellations – Cancellations are only accepted if made more than one week in advance.
Neither rain nor hurricane has ever canceled instruction before!

Directions – Instruction is expected to take place at a lake in Wakefield, MA. which is accessible by public transportation. Precise directions will be sent by the trip leader to all registered students.

Toilet – Bathroom at gas station, five minute walk


When you register, an instructor is found just for you. So the trip leader and volunteers make a significant commitment of time and effort on your behalf, consequently your reliability is important.
But most important: Have fun! See you there.

Other Windsurfing Instruction

Many shops also offer windsurfing instruction:
Inland Sea Windsurf Co. West Dennis, MA