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person dressed in wet suit standing on beach looking out to the ocean

The AMC Boston Chapter Windsurfing Committee welcomes all windsurfers – members and non-members alike! If you want to give the sport a try, improve your skills or just meet others who enjoy the sport, this is the group for you.

We have beginner instruction trips, day trips, weekend windsurfing camps and pot luck socials. Attending an activity with the Windsurfing group is a great way to share or explore an interest in this unique sport.

Windsurfing Activities

Also check out additional local windsurfing groups and resources.

Contact Us

For further information about our activities e-mail the Windsurfing Chapter Chairman: Michael Ratner

We have an email list where people can contact other people for windsurfing tips, non-AMC meet-ups and other info. To get more information and to join please go to and click “Join group”.