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Local Walks Meetings & Volunteer Opportunities

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Local Walks Meetings

Our next meeting is Monday, June 13th from 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Committee Openings

We meet bi-monthly except during the summer, either in person or via Zoom. If you are interested in serving on the Local Walks & Hikes Committee, contact Judith Watson at

Walks & Hikes Leaders

New leaders are always welcome. If you are interested in leading walks and hikes, please email us.

Leader Qualifications: 

  • Be a current member of the AMC and maintain a member profile within the Activities Database.
  • Complete AMC Boston Chapter Leadership training, either the day-long option or more extensive version ~
  • Be assigned a Local Walks & Hikes mentor, who has leadership status and will provide support and guidance.
  • Assist leading two trips, ideally with the mentor and one other leader, and receive a recommendation from the mentor.
  • Submit release forms to AMC Club Headquarters (if trip requires in-person registration) and trip reports to Trip Approver in a timely manner, no longer than one week after a trip.
  • Adhere to AMC rules and regulations and LWH leadership guidelines.
  • Lead at least two (2) walks per calendar year.

~ If it is not possible to participate in the Boston Chapter leadership training (e.g., if the programs are not being held or there is insufficient availability), it is possible to qualify as a Leader if the individual can demonstrate sufficient hiking experience and/or is recommended by a member of the LWH Committee member, a leader with one of the other Boston Chapter Committees or known leader/Committee member from another Chapter.   Qualification via this route requires review by the Chair and Leader Recruitment/Onboarding committee members.