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2023 Volunteer Service Awards

2023 Volunteer Service Awards

Our second year with this program which recognizes those who make a positive contribution to the Chapter.  ​​​This award honors AMC volunteers who have contributed outstanding efforts to the mission of the Chapter for the past year or more and at the highest levels.  Those who have enhanced and sustained the integrity of the Chapter’s conservation, education and recreation values, with a special acknowledgement that the recipients have developed a complete understanding of the values and goals of the chapter through their committee volunteer efforts. ​​Awards were announced during the Chapter’s 47th Annual Meeting. Please join us in congratulating the following recipients!​​

Cindy Bates – Ski & Ride Committee

Cindy has been an active member of the Ski Committee since the 1990s. Through her long tenure with the Committee, Cindy has led countless Nordic ski trips both locally and throughout New England. ​

Cindy’s most profound impacts have been two-fold:​
First by consistently exposing folks to skiing for the first time, particularly through her programs held in Weston MA. These particular events are a critical way for AMC to reach new audiences and cross- collaborate with other Committees (i.e., 20s & 30s). ​
Secondly, Cindy is a fantastic partner for both prospective and existing leaders…consistently going out of her way to support leader development. ​

Cindy truly embodies the AMC core principles. Having done so for so many years, she is exceptionally well deserving of the annual service award. ​

Justin Gallo – 20s & 30s Committee

Justin has been a longstanding and highly active volunteer leader with the Boston 20s & 30s Committee and has led a wide variety of trips.​

He is one of the primary organizers for our winter destination weekend trips at the Notch Hostel​

He loves to help people grow their hiking skills/abilities and assists with the couch-to-4K program,​

Justin organizes social events too, like fun runs and ice skating trips. ​

Justin is always friendly, organized, and passionate with his volunteering and makes an effort to communicate and learn from everyone around him, including participants on his trips and other leaders and leaders-in-training. ​

He is highly deserving of the Annual Volunteer Service Award. 

Pat Grimm – Hiking & Backpacking

Pat is one of the most committed leaders in the Hiking & Backpacking community. ​

She co-leads the Winter Hiking trip program, planning, posting and coordinating registration for ~70 hikes a year. Where necessary, she steps in and leads these trips, providing excellent guidance and feedback to participants.​

Pat is also an AMC volunteer naturalist at the White Mountains high huts where she shares her deep knowledge of the region’s fauna and flora as well as helping hikers safely navigate the trails. She is an excellent role model for the principles of Leave No Trace. Pat also shares this knowledge with participants on the hikes she leads – many people have commented that they learn something new on every trip. ​

Pat is also an excellent leader-mentor, providing thoughtful, relevant coaching to Leaders in Training looking to qualify as 3 and 4 Season leaders.​

Karen Hall – Bike Committee

Karen has been an engaged member on the bike committee for many years and the bike chair from 2014 to 2020. ​

She is a very active leader, leading many rides, workshops and mentoring new riders and leaders ​

A couple of examples Karen’s significant contributions:​
She is a skilled and visible leader of the annual Needham bike ride and pool party, a highly popular flagship program that recruits new members​.
As chair, she ensured a vibrant succession plan for the Bike Committee​.

Karen has been an exemplar of initiative and sustained service in the Boston bicycling committee. She has excelled at supporting and contributing toward the AMC’s mission of Conservation, Education and Recreation for the Bicycle Committee for a sustained period of several years.​

Mark Jourdian – Mountaineering Committee

Mark has made a huge commitment to the Greater Boston Climbing Community and shows exemplary grassroots efforts within the larger AMC community. ​

At heart, he is an educator – from his initial entry as a student of the traditional AMC Boston Rock Program, he became an assistant then an instructor. He is now wholly dedicated as its director.

Mark advocates for learning opportunities for all – including ensuring accommodations and individual attention for those who express need, such as students who need additional instruction and adaptive athletes. ​

Mark is an adaptive athlete himself and this perspective has made our community more aware of barriers, and as a result, richer and more diverse.​

Mark sees that the Rock Program as the entry point to many new volunteers within the Boston Chapter. ​

He encourages people to give back in the same way he gives forward to the community. His impact and efforts are long-lasting. ​

Marjorie O’Malley ​ – Executive Committee​​

Marjorie has been a visibly impactful volunteer for the Boston Chapter. ​

In her capacity as Secretary, an Officer of the Chapter’s Executive Committee, from 2019-2022, she diligently and enthusiastically performed all the administrative duties with kindness towards everyone. Marjorie’s requests for information never felt like a burden to accomplish. She typically delivered these requests with a smile and a sincere offer to help. ​

Her ability to seamlessly transition her duties from in person meetings to virtual meetings during the start of Covid was a huge help to the Chapter’s ability to operate during this difficult time. ​

Marjorie’s professional experiences contributed greatly to the discussions at the Chapter level. Sharing her perspectives on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion helped move us to better outcomes as a Chapter. Especially significant was a proposal she thoughtfully developed and gained approval for that requested funding to help children gain better outdoor access. ​

Marjorie continues her AMC contributions as a leader and co- chair of the Bike Committee. ​

Bob Vogel – Local Walks & Hikes Commitee

Bob is one of the most active LWH leaders, running the most hikes in 2022/23 and expanding our offerings to include the Blue Hills winter trail tracing series, accessible walks, hiking & history walks, trail-work hikes, beginner backpacking and navigation trips.​

Bob demonstrates his commitment to making the outdoors available to everyone, notably organizing “Walk and Roll” hikes for those and using wheelchairs, volunteering regularly for Waypoint Adventures, and participating as a guide on LWH/New England Ski for Light hikes. ​

Bob is an active “recruiter”, encouraging participants to join our LWH leader development program. Seven graduates of the 2023 Spring Leadership program have completed co-leads with Bob as their mentor. ​

Bob been directly involved in training members of our LWH community, including preparing and leading the 2021-2023 Winter Workshops, presenting and facilitating at the Boston Chapter’s Spring Leadership Training, writing articles on Hiking & Backpacking and creating YouTube videos to promote AMC hikes and encourage others to “get outdoors”.​

Bob demonstrates leadership in environmental stewardship, continually reinforcing Leave No Trace principles on hiking and backpacking trips, and running weekly trail-work hikes in the Blue Hills where he is also a Trail Adopter. This Fall, Bob was honored by Friends of the Blue Hills for his conservation contributions. ​