About the Boston Chapter

AMC offers COVID conscious opportunities to enjoy the outdoors locally, visit many of our lodges and campgrounds, and join virtual events and activities. Participants of all in-person events should bring and wear face coverings, expect social distancing, and changes to our usual practices. To support contact tracing and hands-free signing of the AMC liability waiver, online registration is required for all in person AMC events.

Welcome to the Boston Chapter

A Guide to the Chapter for New and Experienced Members

Ever wonder why you get both The Charles River Mud newsletter and the AMC Outdoors magazine? The fact that there are individual chapters and activity committees within the AMC can be a little confusing to our new members. I hope this welcome will provide some useful information and help you better understand how the AMC is organized along with all it has to offer.

AMC Chapters

The approximately 100,000 AMC members from DC to Maine are broken into 12 local chapters. The smallest is the Mohawk-Hudson Chapter (~3,000 members) and the largest is Boston (~20,000 members). All the Chapters are 100% run by volunteers who organize about 10,000 chapter outings per year that cover a wide range of activities. These trips are listed in the Backcountry section of the AMC Outdoors magazine, in chapter newsletters, and on Club and Chapter web sites.

Boston Chapter

By virtue of your zip code, you are a member of the Boston Chapter, which means you get our quarterly newsletter, The Charles River Mud. The Mud includes trip and activity listings, articles written by our members, and important announcements. Published monthly, The Mud often lists trips that are not included in the AMC Outdoors, which comes out 6 times a year. Within each chapter are individual activity committees, and many have their own newsletter and web site, which you can access through the Boston Chapter web site.

Standing Activity Committees

Of the 20,000 members in the Boston Chapter, an active volunteer core of 150 to 200 people run our 20 activity and service committees, and 750 active trip leaders lead pver 1000 events per year. Some activity committees are based on a single activity (such as Bicycling) and some are multi-activity (such as Young Members). Activity committee trips range from local walks and day trips a few hours from Boston to weeklong excursions. Many committees also run several educational/training workshops every year as well. Below are the activity committees within the Boston Chapter:

Bicycle - Weeknight to multi-day rides

Paddling - Canoeing, river kayaking, and sea kayaking events

Family Outings - Kid-friendly events focused on young families

Forty Plus - Activities focused on members ages 40 and older, but all are welcome

Hiking/Backpacking - Day hikes to multi-day backpacks and active training workshops

INTRO - Activities focused on an introductory level of difficulty

Local Walks/Hikes - Day hikes, mostly in metro-Boston conservation lands

Mountaineering - Rock and ice climbing trips and instruction

Mountains and Music - Activities that combine an appreciation for music with a love for the outdoors

Skiing - Day long to multi-day downhill, cross-country, and backcountry ski trips

Trails - Trail maintenance and development

Windsurfing - Day and weekend wind surfing trips

Young Members - Activities focused on members in their 20's and 30's, but all are welcome

Service Committees

  • Conservation
  • MUD (newsletter)

AMC Staff and Facilities

The AMC has a full-time staff headquartered at 10 City Square in Boston. They run a wide variety of programs including education, conservation, publishing, membership services, administration, facilities, and fund raising. Other primary facilities include Cardigan Lodge, the Highland Center, Joe Dodge Lodge at Pinkham Notch, the White Mountain Huts, and 50+ other facilities. Several facilities are run by Volunteer Committees. For more information on AMC facilities and activities, go to the AMC web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get onto a trip or involved?

Sign up for a trip! Search our trip listings for an activity of interest and sign up. Most trips require some sort of “screening” process to make sure the trip is suitable for your fitness and experience level. Each trip listing includes the phone number or email address of the contact along with a brief description of the activity. Looking for a trip more suited to a novice? No problem! Nearly all committees run trips that range from novice to advanced, and many run training workshops to help members improve their skills. After you attend a trip or two, you may be interested in serving on a committee or becoming a trip leader yourself. Getting involved with an activity committee is a great way to make new friends who share similar values and interests!

Can I attend a variety of activity committee trips or other Chapter trips?

Of course! As long as you have the required skills and fitness level, you can choose an activity from any AMC committee or chapter. Many of our members are involved in more than one committee and/or Chapter either as leaders or participants. You can also attend staff-led trips and training workshops, which are listed in the Backcountry section of the AMC Outdoors magazine.

Where can I find more information?

  • AMC Outdoors magazine—mailed 6 times per year
  • The Charles River Mud is Boston Chapter newsletter—sent 4 times per year and available electronically or by post.

Contact Information

The Boston Chapter of the AMC is a volunteer-managed organization. As such, we have no general information telephone number.

The Appalachian Mountain Club's main office is located at 10 City Square, Boston, MA 02129. For membership information, to purchase AMC books, or other club questions, visit AMC's website at outdoors.org or call Member Services at 1-800-372-1758.

For AMC Lodging inquiries and reservations, please contact AMC Reservations at 603-466-2727.

To contact individual activity committees, use this site's Contact page or select the committee's home page from the Committees tab at the top of the page.

You can contact a member of the Boston Chapter Executive Committee made up of committee chairs on our Contact Us page.

Questions, complaints, concerns, comments about the AMC or about the Boston chapter? Write to the Chapter Ombudsman.