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Trip dates: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 9:45 AM to 4:30 PM

Join the Wednesday Wramblers for a fun day in beautiful Rhode Island as we enjoy an easy summer bike ride on the East Bay Bike Path between Providence and Bristol. Our roundtrip mileage will be approximately 28 miles on this mostly flat bike trail with beautiful ocean views. Plan to spend the day as we take time to explore Bristol's historic main street and waterfront. It is very likely that ice cream and fried clams will be consumed somewhere during or after the ride. Registration is required for this ride and we will send out information on the starting location prior to the ride. We ask that your bike be in good condition with tires pumped up and ready to go. Helmets are required. Please bring clothing appropriate for the weather, sunscreen, plenty of water and a snack or lunch.

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Joan Blaustein blausteinjoan@gmail.com (617-669-3528; Before 9:30 PM)

I began leading bike trips for the AMC in 1990 and led for ten years before taking a break. When I became active with the Forty Plus Committee I decided to start leading again. I took a refresher leadership course and Wilderness First Aid and now I am certified as a cross-country ski and bike leader. I have met many wonderful leaders and trip participants and Forty Plus has become one of my most enjoyable retirement activities.

Kathy Blythe katherineblythe@comcast.net (617-922-7002; Before 9:00 PM)
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Adults (18+)


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Katherine Blythe katherineblythe@comcast.net (617-922-7002; Before 9:00 PM)


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