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Trip dates: Saturday, August 17, 2019 12:00 AM to Sunday, August 18, 2019 12:00 AM

Please join us Bonds Extravaganza
Sat/Sun August 17-18 Please join us on trip to the Pemigewassett Wilderness to do the Bonds.

-Participants must have 4 K footer experience.
-Be comfortable with ascending and descending from high elevations.
-Must be willing to carry group gear.

DAY ONE we will be hiking into Galehead Hut via the Gale River Trail 4.6 mi. When we arrive at hut we can set our packs down and easily get in Mt. Galehead, easy 1.2 mi. round trip.
Day TWO will be more interesting. We get our elevation gain by traveling up to S.Twin.
Sorry, because of time constraints and millage we WILL NOT be doing N.Twin.
From that point we go across Twinway trail over to Mt. Guyot, then drop down to Bond Cliff trail were we will be able to visit all THE BOND summits, if weather allows us to get in all summits.
At that point we begin to descend, and we take the Bondcliff trail, over to the Lincoln Woods trail, and end our hike at Lincoln Woods Visitor Center parking lot where we will be car spotting some vehicles.

DAY ONE: 5.2 miles
DAY TWO: 14.8 miles

Please remember this will not be a backpacking trip but you will be expected to have all
the required gear that will be asked of you for SAFETY.

At this time we are taking the AMC shuttle from Lincoln Woods visitor center. They will be dropping us off at Gale River trail.
COST FOR shuttle : costs to tbd

Trip details

Trip region: 
New Hampshire, White Mountains
Trip state: 
Nelson Caraballo (617-548-8579)
Teresa Pagliuca
Ann Hargleroad (617-395-9301)
Trip location: 
Gale River trail
AMC Destination: 
Galehead Hut
Trip country: 
United States
Trip difficulty: 


Adults (18+)


Registration required: 
Ann Hargleroad


Fee includes: 
Dinner-Breakfast-one night lodging
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2019-04-14 16:04:06.0
Last updated: 
2019-04-14 17:59:05.527