INTRO Committee Goals                    

  • Ensure a sense of community among INTRO leaders and members
  • Maintain an adequate number of skilled and experienced INTRO leaders
  • Encourage the development of new INTRO leaders

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To qualify to be an INTRO leader:                                                            

WMNF (White Mountain National Forest) Guide Cards                         TOP

AMC leaders are required to carry a guide card while leading trips of 5 or more participants in the White Mountain National Forest.

We issue guide cards to L1 leaders only, who have trips published in the AMC Outdoors or The Charles River MUD. Always carry your guide card because Forest Service Rangers will stop you - The fine is $500 if you don't have YOUR card. We receive cards based on the number of WMNF trips we led last year.  

If you have not picked up a WMNF guide card from us at a trip planning meeting, you can contact the WMNF Guide Card Coordinator and she will send you the card and a trip report form. It is very important that you submit trip report information to us within two weeks of having led the trip. Information in the word document may be copied and pasted into an e-mail.  Although group size on trails should be limited, only wilderness areas are limited
to 10.

Submit Trip Notices                                                                                  TOP

Write up your trip notice:


July 12-13, Hiking and Tanglewood Camping Weekend.
Stay in commercial campground with showers, 2bkfsts,  
and one dinner included, as well as Sat. night concert ticket.
$75. Contact L. John Smith (781-000-000)
or Co-L. Kim Darby (617-000-000)

Trip Publication Deadlines                                                            TOP

AMC Outdoors

To appear in: Submit online by:


November 8


January 8


March 8


May 8


July 8


September 8

The Charles River Mud

To appear in: Submit online by:


November 25


December 25


January 25


February 25


March 25


April 25


May 25


June 25


July 25


August 25


September 25


October 25

Trip Report                                                                                                               TOP

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