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"My Pet Peeves" - What Drives YOU Crazy?
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#1. Utility Poles #2. Your Pet Peeve Here #3. Your Pet Peeve Here
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   utility pole newton
Images: S.R. Connors

Pet Peeve #1 - Pole City USA

What happens when a utility pole meets a tree? The pole wins! For cities which pride themselves on green space and roadside trees, to see so many wires hanging from so many poles is, well, astounding.

  tree city usa logo OR tree city usa logo  

What is also astounding is how so many wires (electric power, telephone, cable television, etc.) are torquing these utility poles, causing them to bend sideways. Have you noticed how many of these poles have been replaced with taller poles? Have you noticed how many poles have steel lines to neighboring poles (and trees) keeping them roughly upright?

When should we start to put these lines underground? An expensive suggestion! However, when the next ice storm knocks them all down, we should be ready to start. Does that sound reasonable?

Below are just a few photos showing what happens when "tree meets pole," and overloaded poles in general. ALL of these photos were taken along Center St. in Newton from Newton Highlands to Newton Centre.

np01t.jpg np02t.jpg np03t.jpg np04t.jpg
np01w.jpg np02w.jpg np03w.jpg
np05t.jpg np06t.jpg np07t.jpg np08t.jpg
   utility pole newton

Is help on the way?

The National Arbor Day Foundation does have a program to work with utilities on these topics, called Tree Line USA. Members all appear to be power companies.

Requirements for becoming a Tree Line USA member utility focus on "Quality Tree Care," worker training, annual worker training by an arborist, and tree planting and public education.

Both NSTAR and National Grid have been members for several years.

    22 Feb 07  
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