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Next Meeting—Tue. June 24th...

Protecting Massachusetts's Critical Treasures

Boston Chapter Conservation Committee Meeting
with Mike Gildesgame, AMC Southern New England Policy Manager

Tue. 24 June — Newton Highlands MA
All AMC'ers welcome - click here for all the details

Image: NASA Visible Earth

Have You Joined CAN?

The AMC's Conservation Action Network is the email system used by our good friends, the AMC Conservation Staff at AMC HQ (Joy St. Boston) to let us know not only what they are working on (topics to the right). BUT, more importantly what we can do to help, especially when legislation is coming up for a vote. CAN will let us know, so we an tell our elected officials what to do (politely of course).

Highlights / What Inside?

The Conservation Committee's website has the following pieces, in addition to the usual suspects. We'll be filling it in and expanding the website over the coming months based upon your input.

  • Critical Treasures
          Have a special place you'd like to tell people about, or organize a clean-up for?
             Let us know!
  • Critical Paths
          Hot topics for both the AMC at large, and more locally.
             Here's where we describe our initiatives.
  • Local Heroes
          Know someone doing a fantastic job, and you'd like to toot their horn?
             (Since they are too nice to do it themselves, or course).
  • Pet Peeves
          Something tick you off (road rage excluded)?
            I've got my list!
  • AltWheels
          Wonder what we've been up to the last several years? Here's a quick overview.
             Look for the 4th Annual AltWheels Alternative Transportation Festival in September.

  Stephen Connors
  Chair, AMC BC-CC 

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