Leader Information

Becoming a Leader or Co-Leader

  • YM Leadership Policy. Learn about different categories of leaders and the requirements to become one.
  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA). The policy requires a WFA course before you can become an official leader. Click here to find a class
  • Co-Leader Self Evaluation. Co-leaders are asked to fill out self-evaluations of all of the trips they co-lead shortly after the trip is done. This includes local, three, and four season co-leads. These self-evaluations (and other information) will be included with a leadership application.
  • Leader Evaluation. Leaders are asked to fill out an evaluation of co-leaders shortly after a co-leader works with them on a local, three, or four season trip. These evaluations will (eventually) be included in a leadership application for the co-leader.
  • Application to Become a Leader. Fill this out when you are ready to move from co-leader to leader status.
  • NOTE: As of July 1, 2017, the Co-Leader Self-Evaluation, Leader Evaluation, and Application to Become a Leader are now all shared between the YM and H/B committees. You no longer need to fill out separate forms for each of these committees (we hope to expand this to other committees at some point).

Maintaining Leadership Status

  • Training Grant Program. See the YM Financial Policy for information on reimbursements available for other training activities for leaders and co-leaders. (You can also take WFA again as a refresher.)
  • Leader Review Policy. The Young Members Steering Committee rules regarding leader review.

Before a Trip

  • Pre-trip Budget Calculator
  • Plan your trip. Leadership training graduates who are interested in YM will be invited to the leader list, which can help with finding leaders or co-leaders for the trip.
  • Trip Posting Guidelines. Read these instructions to find out how to format your trip properly, then post it for the world to see.
  • Posting an SOS TripRead these instructions to post last-minute outings and socials within the Boston area.
  • Trip Cost Guidelines.  Read this to find out our policies on pricing your trip and to find the pre-trip budget calculator.
  • AMC Liability Waiver Form All participants are required to sign a waiver, so print out this form to bring to the trip.
  • WMNF Guide Card program: If your trip visits the White Mountains National Forest, you will need to obtain and bring a guide card.

After the Trip

  • Post-trip Budget Calculator
  • Liability waivers: Completed waivers should be mailed directly to AMC Headquarters:
    AMC Volunteer Release Agreement
    10 City Square
    Boston, MA 02129

    OR can be emailed to amcwaiver@outdoors.org

    Neither the YM Committee nor the Boston Chapter handles this paperwork.
  • Trip Report: Fill out the post trip report form here
  • WMNF Reports: For trips in the White Mountains National Forest, see the guide card program for an additional reporting step.
  • Money: For trips involving charges to participants, see trip finance information. After reading this financial policy, please fill out an expense report and send your receipts to the YM treasurer (see contacts page for treasurer's email) if you are eligible to be reimburse for an expense. For post-trip budget analysis, check the Trip Cost Appendix.
  • Accident Incident Report: Available in Word and PDF formats.