The Young Members Committee is overseen by a steering committee composed of the people below. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the appropriate person. If you are not certain to whom you should direct your question, please contact the chair.

Committee Members

    Rachael White Chair rachael elizabeth white at gmail com
    Sean Deshaies Vice Chair thatbostonamcguy at gmail com
    Shannon MacKenzie Treasurer  
    Zoe Karp Secretary  
    Phillip Baraona Leadership Coordinator phil at acm dot org
    John Schmidt Trip Coordinator  
    Michele Grzenda SOS Trip Coordinator michelehikes at gmail dot com
    Zoë Rath Social Media Chair  
    Madeline McGill  Social Co Chair  
    Julia Doucett Social Co Chair  
    Elisabeth Cianciola Volunteer Coordinator  
    Margaret Keaveny Leadership Appreciation Coordinator  
    Katie Blair Conservation Coordinator  
    Elli Goeke Rock Circuit Trail Work  
    vacant Webmaster; YM and Leader Email List Moderator  
    vacant Publicity  

Leader Listing Coordination and Trip Approvals are handled by the Vice Chair. Please contact the Vice Chair with any questions related to listing your trip.

The core positions of the YMSC are:

  • Chair - The Chair keeps the committee organized and active, interfaces with the chapter, interfaces with YM's in other chapters, and conducts special projects.
  • Vice Chair - The Vice Chair is in charge of leader approvals, helping coleaders become leaders, approving trip listings, and other duties.
  • Treasurer - The Treasurer does the financial accounting for the committee, and makes budget recommendations.
  • Secretary - The Secretary coordinates committee meetings, records minutes and keeps committee records.