Committee & Leaders

AMC offers COVID conscious opportunities to enjoy the outdoors locally, visit many of our lodges and campgrounds, and join virtual events and activities. Participants of all in-person events should bring and wear face coverings, expect social distancing, and changes to our usual practices. To support contact tracing and hands-free signing of the AMC liability waiver, online registration is required for all in person AMC events.

CHAIR: Judith Watson (localwalks@amcboston.orgTerm 2021-23
SECRETARY: Julia Hsia Term 2017-20
LEADERSHIP: Robin Doyle (leader onboarding) Term 2020-23, Marc Hurwitz, Judith Watson
MEMBER: Nancy Cahn Term 2020-23
MEMBERS-AT-LARGE: Bob Tagelaar (Data Management & Reporting) Term 2020-23,
Mary Wisbach (Corporate Liaison) Term 2017-20
SOCIAL MEDIA: Marc Hurwitz (Facebook), Mike Tuohey (Instagram, Twitter)
TRIP COORDINATOR:  Elizabeth (Betty) Bailey-Masullo Term 2019-22 
WEBMASTER: Lisa Fleischman
CHAIR EMERITA: Lisa Fleischman
BOSTON CHAPTER CHAIR: ex-officio, Cindy Crosby
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Elizabeth (Betty) Bailey-Masullo 
Lynda Boriskin 
Boot Boutwell
Nancy Cahn
Nelson Caraballo
Laura Cerier
Ken Cohen
Brian Connolly
Cindy Crosby
Stephen Davis 
Robin Doyle
Bill Fadden 
Barbara Fay 
Gail Ferriera 
Lisa Fleischman
Jim Goyea 
Marlies Henderson
Marc Hurwitz
Jim Hutchinson
Katie Krathwold 
Olin Lathrop
Mark Levine 
Richard Lombard
Sharon Marshall 
Chris McArdle 
Ellen Nichols 
Steve Olanoff 
Mike Oliverio 
Bruce Porter
Thurman Smith
Joel Snider
Mike Tuohey
Jean Veigas
Judith Watson
Robert Winters
Mary Wisbach