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Note: Things will change when the Activities Database is replaced with the Outdoors Connector in late 2023/early 2024. We will also be offering a zoom on this topic soon and record it for future use. 

How to list an AMC Ski & Ride Trip in ActDB

We have these instructions available as a PDF for download. Also see our screenshot guide for visual guidance.

  • Enter the ride into the AMC ActDB:
    • Note that only those in leader fields can register/confirm participants if using E-waiver, work with your leader. 
    • If you are unfamiliar with the ActDB see the attached word doc
  • Email the trip coordinator, Rick Gershberg, to alert them that you’ve entered an event:
  • There isn’t any need to repeat information that is in specific fields in the trip description text field such as date, location, cost, etc. 
  • We are now supposed to use the club-wide trip ratings for difficulty: Note there is a mistake in the XC ski table. What’s listed for 4-Moderate is the 3-Easy criteria. For 4-Moderate it is 4 hrs, 16.0km, 4.4kph, 300 meters. These are up to guidelines. 
  • If your trip is overnight and has a fee, we are to add a $10 per person Committee fee; if it’s an intro to uphill clinic, we are to add a $20 Committee fee to the trip price. 

After it’s live on AMC ActDB post on the Ski and Ride Meetup site for much better exposure (this is optional but recommended). If you aren’t a member, please join it and ask to be made an event coordinator:

Information to Make Sure to Include in your Trip Description

There should be enough information for prospective participants to make an informed decision that the trip is a good fit for them before registering as opposed to waiting to get an info sheet a week before the trip with details that lead them to change their mind. Examples include:

  • What type of skiing / riding are we doing (XC, FC, BC, ATC, Alpine, etc)
  • What difficulty is the trip; AMC Rating, distance, vertical, etc:
  • Where is the lunch stop? Can one buy food, should one carry, etc
  • Required gear list (or attach in an info sheet)
  • Special terrain or weather notes
  • Detailed directions if a show and go
  • Will car pools be facilitated
  • Participant cost, deposit and cancellation policies in ActDB field

ActDB Tips

  • At the leaders option, you can use the ActDB on-line e-Waiver. I recommend this. 
  • Be careful on specifying trip participant and wait list limits as these are hard to change; these also drive if ActDB says your trip is wait-listed or full. If you do set a limit it’s best to be prepared to stick with it.
  • Leaders can also use other systems such as REGI, a goggle form or any other registration method along with using the paper waiver. For complicated trips some leader use the E-Waiver and a google form.
  • If using the paper waiver please download the current version;

Ski & Ride Committee requires a very simple trip ride report, it’s a google form:  Boston AMC Ski Trip and Workshop Reports

Are you looking for other leaders to lead with, or a LIT looking for a leader to do a trip with, or more info? 

Recommend you bookmark AMC links, they are hard to find on the website! To list a trip on the AMC ActDB:

To navigate to it via the club website, here is the way:
>scroll to the bottom
>click on Login and log in
>scroll to the bottom a second time
>click on My Outdoors
>Scroll down to ActivitiesDB Dashboard and select it. You should see your trips.
If you want to add a trip, click on Activities Admin then follow the menus to add a trip.

See some screen shots to help you. 

Participants often ask if they can setup a push email of trips they may be interested in. They can, this is called a digest, directions:

  • Go to club website:
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom, click on “login”
  • Enter your user name and password
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom AGAIN
  • Click onto My Outdoors
  • You are now on “your dashboard”
  • Scroll down again, see two items, on the left your activities dashboard, on the right “digest emails”
  • Under the right hand side, click onto “View Trips”
  • Follow the directions on how to set up a new “digest” to enter the search terms you want.

The digest is a powerful tool that will generate a push email to you daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly on trips you want to go on (per your criteria). It is a little hard to find and perhaps wold be better named something like “Weekly trips list push email”

It does take quite a few clicks and scrolling to get there. It’s too bad there isn’t a prominent “member login” or “my outdoors log in’ button on the home page as well as one to create a “trips alert push email”

For further trip listing guidance contact Rick Gershberg at