Bicycling Waivers

Using the Electronic Waiver in Activities Database (ActDB):  
Available when the Leader selects the ActDB Registration Option  
“Required – Electronic Waiver” 

  1. No Submission Action Required. These forms are submitted automatically at the conclusion of the event.
  2. Leaders may be asked to verify who showed up for the event.  

Using the Paper Waiver:  
For Leaders who select any other ActDB Registration Option: Contact Registrar; In Person Paper; or External Link.

Leaders must submit completed forms within 7 days of the end of the activity in one of the following ways:

  1. Email to:
    1. Only include waivers for one trip in each email. Do not combine waivers from multiple trips into the same pdf or email.
    2. Required Subject Line Details 
      • Leader Last Name
      • Chapter or Camp Name 
      • Month and Year
      • Example: LNAME Worcester MARCH 2021
    3. Optional: CC your Committee Chair on the waiver email to confirm submission of waiver via email and support their reporting requirements.
    4. Once you have emailed the waiver with the required subject line details, you may shred the waiver. AMC will be using the subject line to search for waivers in the event there is an incident. AMC is required to maintain records for at least 7 years.
  2. Mail to:  

AMC Volunteer Release Agreement 
ATTN: Volunteer Relations 
10 City Square, Suite 2 
Boston, MA 02109