Sea Kayak Skills Clinic: Navigation and Group Cohesion


Sea Kayak Skills Clinic: Navigation and Group Cohesion

Paddling Date: Sat August 3, 2013

Are you a sea kayaker with basic paddling skills and experience as a participant on several guided / led trips? Are you ready to "take the next step"? If so, this full day clinic on the ocean is for you. Skills you will learn and practice include use of the Small Craft Navigation Aid with a navigation chart, and techniques for cohesive group paddling (proximity, signals, formations, and when to use them). The clinic will be conducted utilizing Hingham Bay and Hull Bay, and will include approximately 10 nautical miles of paddling. Formal instruction will include: Small Craft Navigation Aid…set up, use with a navigation chart, followed by an on water practical exercise Cohesive Paddling Techniques…proximity techniques, visual signals (stop, rally on me, formations), auditory signals (alert, emergency), formations (line, file, diamond, triangle / wedge), followed by an on water practical exercise. Rescues: assisted and self rescues, and If time permits strokes, braces, and towing.

Activity Category: Paddling - Sea Kayaking
Region: Massachusetts, Boston Area
State: MA
Leader: Richard Hens
Co-Leader: Dennis Blejer
Registrar: Richard Hens
External Link:
Trip Location: Hingham Bay
Registration Required: Yes
Keywords: navigation, sea, kayak, paddle, paddling, boat, ocean
Status: Full


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